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The Best Visual Arts Schools in Spain

The Best Visual Arts Schools in Spain

Get to know the visual arts schools in Spain for children and young people and the universities of fine arts in Spain that will help you specialize.

There are many schools of visual arts in Spain and fine arts in the faculties of art and humanities of many universities in Spain. For this reason, we have marked renowned universities and historical journeys. It is worth checking out mi arte es for more helpful information about art schools in Spain.

The address, the direct link to the web pages of each institution, and the academic offers of each have also been placed so that you have the option to review each of them.

These are famous universities, with over 100 years of foundation, and some have been the study houses of important personalities. These are the most popular choices on opinionesespana.es.

Complutense University of Madrid

This university has a special history and prestige, it was previously called the University of Madrid and was founded in 1822.

We recommend the Complutense University of Madrid as one of the first options in terms of its prestige and history, as well as a wide range in the field of visual arts.

Also, several Nobel Prize winners studied at this university. Severo Ochoa and Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Nobel Laureate José Echegaray, Camilo José Cela, Vicente Aleixandre and Mario Vargas Llosa can be named Nobel Prize in Medicine.

He has a wide repertoire of careers between bachelor’s, master’s, postgraduate and doctoral studies.

In his art faculty you can find: diplomas in fine arts, diplomas in design, in conservation and restoration of cultural heritage, master in art education, master in art and creation, master in design, master in heritage conservation, a doctorate in fine arts.

University of Seville

This university has a faculty of arts and humanities, where they have several offers for careers in art.

It is a public university founded in 1505, counted 500 years ago as the Colegio de Santa María de Jesús at the beginning of the 16th century, making it a university with a great history.

Among his offers of studies in art we have: Diploma in Fine Arts, Diploma in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Assets, Diploma in Art History, and Master in University in Art: Idea and Production.

University of Granada

The University of Granada is among the top 10 Spanish universities founded in 1531 by Carlos I of Spain; In addition, it works with the Erasmus student exchange program.

There is another Spanish university founded. Among the offers we need to mention: Graduate in Fine Arts, Graduate in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Assets, Graduate in Art History, Master’s Degree in Historical-Artistic Heritage.

University of La Laguna

The university was founded in 1792 by King Carlos IV, being the oldest institution in the Canary Islands and with a wide academic offer.

This university has its faculty of arts and humanities with the following offers:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Diploma in conservation and restoration of cultural assets