Tips for Children Like to Learn to Color Pages

Moms & Dads, you definitely want to have children who like to learn. I would feel proud to see children love to study, and even get rid of fatigue after working hard for the family.

Well, consider the following tips, moms & dads:

Creating a Safe Relationship for Children to Explore

Exploration is an important part of learning. So, so that children are free to explore, moms & dads need to have a warm relationship and secure attachment with their children. If children feel safe in their environment like coloring pages animals, they can explore and enjoy the learning process.

Learning through Playing with All the Senses of the Child

Basically, through playing, children learn to understand the world around them. When children coloring pages animals or flowers, they are actually practicing their fine motor skills so that they are ready to write. We don’t need to differentiate between learning and playing. So, what you need to make sure is that your child feels happy with learning activities that look like playing. For example, by using the entire sensory system of children for learning.

When you want children to understand the concept of letters, use various media such as forming letters in the sand, through songs and dances, playing to find letters from various labels and writing at home, and through making cakes or letter dough. Conversely, when playing children can learn through, for example, counting the number of donuts sold. Learning about letters and numbers doesn’t have to be just pencil and paper. If this continues, the child’s interest in letters and numbers will develop over time. Basically, the most important thing is for children to realize for themselves that “understanding is fun.”

Provide Learning Experiences According to Children’s Interests

Interest and pleasure in understanding the material make children better at understanding and even remembering it. So, it is very important for Moms & Dads to involve children’s interests in learning coloring pages flowers. If the child is happy with various types of animals, use various animals as a learning medium. For example, studying the number of animal feet, recognizing letters in animal names, and so on. If your child has not yet found their interest, provide various new experiences by reading, visiting museums, zoos, and so on to help find their interests. Through this interest, generally, children’s curiosity will continue to develop and open opportunities for other learning. So, Moms & Dad’s enthusiasm if your child keeps asking about various things.

Adjust Learning to the Child’s Developmental Stages and Abilities

Sometimes, because we want our children to be smarter than other children, the learning coloring pages that is given is too difficult for them or it is not yet time. Children aged 2 years, generally have not learned numbers and calculations, but began to learn the classification of objects based on one dimension, such as separating dinosaur toys from toy cars. This ability is useful for future mathematics learning. Here the role of moms & dads is to help provide material according to children’s abilities. The existence of children’s success when learning will foster a sense of ability in him. So, if it’s too difficult for him, moms & dads can offer help or adjust the level of difficulty. Give help when he feels the need, but don’t offer too often, because children need a challenge that is commensurate with developing.

Apply Learning in Daily Activities and Tell the Benefits of Learning

When children can use their learning outcomes in everyday life, learning becomes fun and useful. For example, after learning coloring pages animals or flowers. Once again, he developed a sense of ability and pleasure that the learning was useful. This will further motivate children to love the learning process.

Support and Appreciate the Child’s Learning Process

Moms & Dads can provide support through a pat on the shoulder, hugs, small gifts such as snacks, or praise for the child’s learning process. The learning process is often not easy and it is very possible for children to experience failure. Here, moms & dads need to reassure children that failure is also a learning process, so you don’t need to be disappointed for too long. The most important thing is to instill that he can keep trying and parents will always support him. To emphasize the importance of the learning process, moms & dads can give praise for their child’s efforts or their unyielding attitude.