Why You Should Look For a TV Streaming Platform On Black Friday (Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime)

After what can be described as a challenging year with most people having to stay home due to various restrictions imposed by the government to help curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus, Black Friday is set to feature a lot of shoppers looking for streaming platforms with the best deals to help them have more fun with their families and loved ones.

Thanks to online streaming platforms, everyone can watch their favorite shows, classic movies, and documentaries without having to show up in the Cinema at a particular time. Recently, most media players such as; Google TV, Fire TV, Apple TV, and more now come with streaming platforms. Furthermore, gaming consoles such as Xbox, Nintendo, and PS4 also support streaming platforms.

Mobile users are also not left out of the excitement as Disney Plus App and Netflix app among others allow subscribers to catch up on all their favorite shows on mobile devices.

With Black Friday falling on November 27, 2020,  shoppers will be looking to land a bargain on streaming platforms especially as the Christmas season looms and it is expected that top streaming platforms including; Disney Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video will offer impressive deals that would revolve around; discounted subscriptions, new releases or deals combining products and streaming platforms.

If you are looking for a TV streaming platform, you can check out review platforms such as; US-Reviews to get objective reviews of previous subscribers of TV streaming platforms.

Here are major TV streaming platforms and why you should consider looking for deals they offer on Black Friday.


Over the years, Netflix has dominated the world of streaming services with the platform gaining millions of subscribers across the globe each year since its inception in 2007. Netflix subscribers can watch their favorite shows on Smart TVs, PlayStation , Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV, Blu-ray players, and more since its contents are delivered online. Netflix fans without an internet connection also have the option of securing the Netflix DVD service to watch varieties of movies and shows. At a rate of $7.99 monthly, the Netflix DVD service is a very good option for those looking to binge-watch pre- 1980 and classic movies.

Netflix has also released an impressive amount of original series subscribers can choose from including; Lucifer, Stranger Things, You, and many more blockbuster movies that will keep viewers glued to their screen.

Although subscribers have to choose between plans that range from $8.99 to $15.99, Netflix offers a whopping one-month free streaming service before subscribers proceed to plans depending on the features that suites them. For instance; how many devices they want to use at one time.

Disney Plus

Ever since Disney Plus was launched back in November 2019, the streaming platform has rivaled Netflix and gained a huge amount of fans and subscribers across the globe. Disney Plus offers blockbuster movies such as Marvel, Star Wars saga, and original series most notably The Mandalorian which raved a lot of reviews when it was first released last year. The Streaming platform provides family-oriented entertainment content which means you don’t have to worry about kids stumbling into any content you don’t want them to see. 

Disney Plus streaming is available on devices such as;

  • Smart TVs
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Chromecast
  • Apple TV
  • Blu-ray players, and more.

Subscribers can enjoy more than 7,000 television episode and 500 films from various source including;

  • National Geographic
  • Pixar
  • Fox Searchlight Pictures
  • Hollywood Pictures
  • Touchstone Pictures
  • Walt Disney Pictures
  • Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • 20th Century Fox

Disney Plus offered fans a discounted membership which took $10 off on annual deals back when it first launched in 2019. While Disney Plus still offers a 7 days free trial, the subscription price at just $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year is very impressive.

O2 offered a deal that lets customers on new plans enjoy 12 months of Disney Plus for free and fans of Disney+ can expect more jaw-dropping deals on Black Friday as Disney Plus seeks to gain more fans around the world.

Amazon Prime Video

Over the years, Amazon has dominated the retail industry with a large network of loyal shoppers. The Amazon Prime Video is part of a package that comes with many other features as prime subscribers enjoy; discounted shipping, access to discounted Kindle books, a music library, photo storage along the Prime video.

Amazon provides original series including; Utopia, Hannibal, Justified, and many more. With access to sports streaming and 30-day free streaming, Amazon Prime subscribers can enjoy huge savings on premium channel membership.

Subscribers were able to enjoy massive discounts on membership during Amazon Prime Day 2020 back on October 13 and 14. This tradition is expected to continue since Amazon has been known to put up incredible deals every hour during Black Friday.

Conclusively, with people having to stay home more than usual as a result of different lockdown measures being implemented by government across the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is advisable to look out for deals different TV streaming platforms are putting up during Black Friday to ensure you have fun with your family and loved ones